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Social Sciences, Statistics

Board Grade(s)

CBSE Grade 10, ICSE Grade 9


Before the sun never set on the British Empire; before Genghis Khan swept the steppe; before Rome extended its influence to encircle the Mediterranean Sea; there was ancient Assyria. Considered by historians to be the first true empire, Assyria’s innovations laid the groundwork for every superpower that has followed. Marian H Feldman details the rise and fall of the Assyrian Empire.

Learning Resource


Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to…

  1. Summarize the origins of the Assyrian Empire
  2. Describe some of the innovations and achievements of the Assyrians
  3. Analyze the fall of the Assyrian Empire

Teaching Aids

    • Suggested Teaching Method

      1. Show Video
      2. Set Expectations
      3. Exercise to elicit thinking
      4. Apply/Assess
      5. Discussion with briefing
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